I had the pleasure of having a reading with Elwin recently. My stars- she was so wonderful. She has a calming and gentle spirit and touched on everything that was going on in my life. She makes you feel so welcome with her sweet sense of humor and kindness. Elwin has a true God given gift and is glad to share it with others. She is so in tune with the universe. It is and was a blessing to be session with her and I intend on coming back soon! How fun!

With love and thanks, Lisa Hill

Lisa Hill

When I first met Elwin, I was seeing a therapist once a week and on 4 different medications for my PTSD and Depression. I have been in and out of therapy for nearly 20 years. Through My Soulful Journeys, I have been discharged from therapy for "treatment completed" and am only on one medication. I have not only gained many useful tools to deal with problems when they arise, but I gained an understanding about myself and the things I have been through in order to work through them more easily. I finally feel whole.

Elwin has a wonderful way of helping those around her. She helped my husband and I's relationship by helping us see what what we had with each other. She is very gifted. She brings so many gifts to the table to help those she works with. Very gifted healer!

I met Winn in 2003, I was going through a rough time and looking for someone with "real " gifts of healing and psychic abilities. She did a cleansing at my home, then she did a reading for me. I told her nothing about me except my name, and I was in awe what she told me in my reading! I knew she was truly blessed and gifted! That was 11 years ago. I've had several readings and spiritual work with Winn since. My daughters have had sessions with her. My 25 year old daughter, Lakisha, passed 7/4/2011. Winn drove over an hour to be with me and Lakisha before she passed. Winn is a gifted medium as well, and has made it possible for me and my oldest daughter to speak with Lakisha since she's crossed over. I'm so grateful to have Winn in my life! She's done so much for me and my daughters! I have never met anyone as gifted and selfless as Winn. Do something nice for yourself and make an appointment with her! You will feel her healing, loving, beautiful light the moment you meet her :) Thank you Miss Elwin, for being a part of my life

I have never used an energy worker before. I purchased the Wholelistic Energetics from Elwin and it was one of the best self-care techniques I've done for myself, and one that I will incorporate more of on a regular basis. She was able to pinpoint on issues that I have with my body and there has been great improvement in those areas. I was able to feel waves of energy running up and down my body. At the time of our session, I had a particular thought loop going on and I noticed after the session it was gone and glad to see it go. I was also given directions that helped confirm a move that I needed to make in my physical location. Nothing but praise for Elwin's work.

Debra Wallin