Coming of Age



 Rituals are as old as the human race. They mark our major milestones in life: Birth, adolescence, marriage, aging, and death. These rituals play an important part for our psyche and in our society. In the absence of rites to mark our passages from one stage of our life to another, we create our own set of challenges to face, sometimes with very destructive outcomes.  Often times, we focus too intently on outward, physical objects, forgetting, or not understanding the natural life cycle of the human being. Let’s begin to celebrate the naming of a child, becoming a woman, or leaving home at the end of the journey of adolescence. Let us rejoice in life!

·Marriages/ Hand Fasting/Commitment ceremonies 
·Passing Celebrations of a well-lived life.
·Coming of age
·House Blessings
·Entering womanhood