Geographic balancing is required when the energy in a specific area is unstable, and needs to be restored to a positive state. There are at least three distinct areas to be addressed in energy clearing, and for satisfactory results, we must take them all into consideration. One of the problem areas we investigate when dealing with this type of negative energy, is the debilitating effects related to geological instabilities in or around buildings.  The other two categories relate to strong emotional imprints in a place, and what can be called "spirit" presence.  When working in any location, we search for all three of these factors and build an overall picture by taking them all together. Difficulties in dwellings are seldom straightforward, because they tend to derive from various combinations of influences rather than neatly fitting into one category. We investigate the situation, resolve the conflicts, and compile a solution that meets your needs and gives the desired direction you wish to have for the area.

Castle by the Lake

Elemental balancing is the act of placing items in a location to align them elementally, which in turn promotes positive energy flow. Where we live and work plays an important part in our lives because everything we see, feel, and experience from the moment we arise in the morning until we sleep at night, impacts the way we live. Our dwelling represents many things to us; safety, privacy, peace, relaxation, comfort, and a place where we raise our family. If these important fundamentals are out of balance in our lives, then most assuredly it will impact us. We evaluate the area that needs to be realigned, and then provide a list of items that are impacting the area negatively, and what elements or objects that should be added to promote the desired effect.