Elwin Herman

Medicine Woman, Spiritual Teacher, Wholistic Energetics Healer, Psychic Medium

As a Medicine Woman, I believe that you can create balance in your mind, body, and spirit. That creating a beautiful life experience is at the root of our innermost desires.  Allow me as a Spiritual Teacher, Shaman, Master Healer, and Psychic Medium to help you reweave your stories, and illuminate the masterpiece that is you.


Transformational Therapies


Wholistic Energetic Healing

Wholistic Energetic healing is a life-changing process that completely restructures your foundational energetic field. Through the connection of quantum energy, a rebalance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels can occur. Wholistic Energetic healing follows your energetic line back to where it first began, its zero point. This allows the practitioner to analyze and remove any blocks from past life trauma that you might have experienced, thus redefining the effect that it may have in your current life.


Holistic Life Coaching

Imagine a connection with someone who will absolutely tell you the truth - the truth about where you are strong, and where you sell yourself short: Someone who knows you can handle the truth and knows that's what you really want. Someone who sees how big you can be and constantly holds that big image for you - even when you can't hold it for yourself.


Workshops and Classes

I believe that we all should be educated about how to heal ourselves and others. At the School of Core Spirituality, we assist you in your evolutionary shift of consciousness by bringing your mind, body, and spirit in balance so that you can achieve the prosperity, love, and happiness that you deserve.


Intuitive Therapy

"Through discussions, reading, contemplation, and practice I've come to recognize the importance of subtle feelings and symbols. By paying attention to subtle energy, typically in the form of thoughts and feelings, we began to tap into our inner capacity to commune with those we've loved and lost, as well as other streams of consciousness and information."

-Mark Ireland


My passion lies in facilitating the evolution of the human consciousness to the potential that lies within each of us, and empowering individuals to become the conduit of change for their own lives.

Elwin Herman



Ethel, Washington


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